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Kids Chinese Club is an interactive website designed to teach you how to speak, read and write Chinese. We’ll also teach you some interesting facts about China, and about Chinese culture.

In our lessons, you’ll see children having great fun learning Chinese – and at the same time teaching you! Each lesson in the program is made up of four different parts, so you’ll learn:


In every lesson, you’ll learn new words. You’ll hear other children speaking and practicing them. So it’s fun and entertaining.


You’ll also get the chance to learn how to write new words and numbers, with step-by-step instructions on how to write Chinese characters.


One of the fun parts about learning any new language is learning about the country it comes from – the people, the food, how they live and much more besides. In each lesson, we’ll be giving you an insight into Chinese culture.


This is your opportunity to hear, repeat and then practice the words you’ve learned as many times as you like – and who knows, you could be our Star of the Week!

This new Chinese language-learning program is simple! You pay for a very affordable subscription and you get unlimited access to all of our 4-part lessons. Our experts say that each lesson should last you for around a month – depending on how much time you spend learning and practising. We want you to be completely comfortable with each lesson before you move onto the next one, so that the language ‘building blocks’ are in place to let you move on with confidence.

The US $1 or GB £1 per week subscription gives you the freedom to access every part of all our available lessons. You and your family can log on and use the lessons as many times as you want: your parents, brothers and sisters can learn together! What a great way to spend quality time together as a family, all learning a new language.

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And, because we teach Chinese as a series of ‘building blocks’, your US $1 or GB £1 per week subscription automatically gives access to all lessons which means you can re-visit old lessons anytime you want. you’ve already been through, so you can refer back and practice as much as you want.

By the end of the total program of 24 lessons, you will have enough words to be able to conduct a basic conversation in Mandarin Chinese – and enough characters to be able to write it, too! it's a really low-cost and fun way to learn a new language!

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