Why learn chinese?
The world is changing fast – and China is changing faster than most. China is now regarded as a major influence on the rest of the world – not only does it have around 20% of the world’s population, but it also has massive economic growth and influence. That influence is set to continue – our goal is that as many children as possible learn to speak Chinese to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the country’s amazing growth and potential.

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... and here's what the world's press say ...

In USA Today ( 20th November 2007 ) CEOs were asked ‘What do you want our kids' skills to be?’

The answer? 'Computers and Chinese.'

Kids Chinese Club gives kids the opportunity to learn about China – it’s the gateway to future job opportunities, security and earning potential.

America in 'critical need' of Mandarin...
(Guardian Weekly)

The American push to learn Mandarin...
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You have 7 years to learn Mandarin...
(Fortune Magazine)

The world has a new second language and its not English...
(Time Magazine)

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